ColorBuffs Project

Most notes were written by Willow. They were also posted on a community forum, and that's why some of them are in a very conversational style.


Hello and welcome to the shouts and everything else update.

We've added shouts. Looking forward to feedback good and bad about this feature. What we can do to make it better for you all.

Your profile pages have been changed too.

There's so much changed that I can't list it all. At least not this late at night :P. Have a look around and tell us what you think.

This update is a bit rough around the edges, but we're going to put the work in to make it beautiful. I hope you guys like what you see so far.


Previously the top 100 pages were off for those who either were blocked or have blocked others. This new update shows those people an accurate depiction of the top 100, without showing them the art, or who made it.

Also, new notifications and messages will make the icons on mobile turn red. No more tapping just in case.


We've got a new home page. I hope you guys like it! The old homepage, really the art page, is viewable by clicking the art button -- it now defaults to searching for the newest artwork now. It's great for seeing what is going on right now.

We've got protections against cheating with multiple accounts, and our site wide chat coming next.

Our site wide chat will PROBABLY come, on dekstop, at the top of the page in place of the splatter banner... scrolling down the page will hide it just like the banner. It should be great. On mobile it should have its own button at the top next to mail and notifications.

We'll also be changing mobile so that the mail and notification icons will be red when you have messages. Should have always been that way.

Afterwards I've got a few important social optimizations, and then the Palette Maker will get its long awaited update... and we will finally allow 7 color palettes.


0.8.0 changes:

Raster as new art type
Color limit changed from 2000 to 5000
Feed merged with home page (and upgraded) via new “sub search” button
Home page art display got an upgrade
Palettes and Patterns can no longer be edited after publishing.
Hashtags added to palettes, stencils, patterns and rasters.
Tag names now usernames, and are main name on site. Old usernames are now for display on profile page only. The front page needs more work to react to tag links.
Art item page now shows users top rated and latest across all art types in the sidebar.
Removed prohibition against multiple accounts. We can’t police this effectively. In certain situations we’ve even advised people make a new account, so keeping this rule would be hypocritical and self-defeating.

This is not planned as yet to be a permanent change, but for now unpublished patterns are disabled. You’ll notice that the publish checkbox in the pattern maker is checked and can not be unchecked.

We hope you enjoy this version of the site. More to come.

As always, we're grateful for bug reports or reports of other problems. If something isn't working right, let us know!


Hello everyone, and welcome to update 0.7.9 -- Blocking redux.

In this, I implemented the changes discussed here:

Blocking v1:
As before, blocking prevents someone from commenting on your work, viewing your profile, sending you mail, or leaving comments on your page. You will receive no notification if they use one of your colors, or @ mention you anywhere on the site. Blocking removes following/follower status between the blocker and the blockee.

Blocking v2:
All of the above AND

NOTE: Until I have a chance to write a script that updates the database, removing likes/stashes of someone you've previously blocked will require an extra step.

  1. Go to that person's profile page (you may need to look them up here:
  2. Click "unblock".
  3. Then click "block".

Everything you've liked and stashed from that person will be removed from your list, as will everything of yours that they have liked/stashed. This only needs to be done by one party to be effective.

It is my hope that this update helps all members of colorbuffs feel as safe as possible on our site. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback on the new system.

Additional changes with this update:


Just a quick update tonight to add a security fix (too many login attempts will now throw up a CAPTCHA wall), and a much-requested tweak to the pattern maker (the publish button is now a checkbox, down near the save button).

It's been a rough couple of months with multiple surgeries (one planned, one unplanned) for our youngest child, plus plenty of gifts from cold and flu season. I know this update isn't much, but I hope to get more time to work this summer.

As always, hope you enjoy!

Cheers, Fate


Hey guys, welcome to the weekend update.

This week I added search to the palette and pattern tools, and threw in a scratch area for good measure. I also brought back unpublished palettes (thanks again for catching that @Wordofmouse), and made a few other random style fixes across the site.

Hope y'all enjoy!


Hey all!

Today we've updated the search bar on the art page to include artist and keyword search, and some bright buttons as suggested by @Wordofmouse. Thanks to @penina, @UB, and @InkyBagwell for letting us use their lovely artwork here!

I've also fixed that annoying out-of-order colors bug on the palette (as discovered by @LadySakura), and a bunch of broken links.

As always, please continue to let us know when you find stuff that's broken or looks funny. I'm making a list to go back over the coming week while @cy works on the next big thing.

Cheers, Fate


What we’ve tried to do here is give ourselves a better base to build upon. There are plenty of visual differences, but even more changes behind the scenes.

The new art page replaces all of the individual art type pages. The same style has been applied to the feed.

We’ve made changes to our badges.

Mobile is better than it was, but isn’t complete -- this isn’t our full mobile update, just the first half of it. We still need to adapt our tools to work on the smaller screens.

As always, let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what’s broken! The social -> users page is borked, and we'll be fixing that.

Plenty of good stuff still to come :).


Hi all, we're back from our restart and happy to introduce a feature that we're super excited about!

Feeds are a way of seeing the latest stuff from anybody that you follow. Go ahead and check it out -- it's right up there next to Notifications and Mail. You can like/stash stuff directly from the feed page, and keep scrolling down to view more stuff. Cy did a smashing job on this, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

As always, let us know if you find any bugs.


Deletion. Yes, it's here. Sorry for how ridiculously long it took to roll out. I tested it enough to make me comfortable with releasing this, but *please* let me know if you find any bugs ASAP.


I'm testing out a membership perk :). Check out any of my creations, or @Fate's creations.

The site doesn't look right on mobile, and a mobile site is in the works.


Hi all, bit of a rocky update process tonight, but things are done now.

I got pattern deletion working *BUT* decided to hold it back until I have finished the rest of the deletion methods. 90% of the work there is in testing the crap out of everything to try and avoid any major problems.

Meanwhile, your profile page got a makeover, courtesy of @cy (who just can't stay away from you guys!). Here's the rundown:


Hi all, quick update tonight served up by @cy (who had some spare time on his hands). The profile page load time has been reduced to basically nil!

Cheers, Fate


0.5.13 is live! New features:

** Blocking: **
Blocking unwanted contact from another person is a feature that we sincerely hope you will never need, but is extremely important for the long-term health of our community.

Effects of Blocking:

Further note that blocking someone will *NOT* send them a notification. They will not know they have been blocked unless they try to contact you or visit your profile.

Blocking will not:

** User Search: **
Just a quick little utility to help you find other colorBuffs members. Under the new Social dropdown, click on Users. Note that the link to the Forums has also been moved to the Social dropdown.


Finally, an upgrade to the Palette Maker. Just a little something so palette makers know we're still thinking about them.


PS: As always, check it out, and tell us what you guys think. Have you found any bugs? We want to know!


### New features: ###

### New pages: ###

### Bugs fixed: ###


Hi guys!

After talking with some of our stencil creators, we have made several changes to how we treat SVGs on this site. The resulting speed decrease in the Pattern Maker isn't too bad (we think), and seems comparable to the tool speed on CL.

However, in order to help ease the pain, @cy has also introduced a "zoom" button to every pattern :) Clicking the eye icon under the like and stash buttons will open a fullscreen view (watermarked for the stencil and pattern makers' protection), so that you can see those lovely creations in all their glorious detail!

(We have noticed that there are some patterns that don't want to stretch, and we'll be working on a fix for that as well.)

For now, go check out the zoom function and tell us what you think!


Most of your broken patterns will now work properly. Just open broken patterns in the pattern maker and press save.

If you have one that isn't fixed by the change, feel free to post it here so I can take a look :).

And we have filtering for the notification area...



This update introduces the top ten leader board on the home page. The like count is of likes given on work less than 24 hours old. The leader is our featured user.

We feel that this system of selecting featured user is more transparent, and because it counts work done right now, more interactive, as a user can try to increase their ranking by creating new art.


Hope everyone has their crayons ready, 'cause the shiny new Pattern Maker is finally here! @cy has poured a ton of work into making this new tool as user-friendly and intelligent as possible, and we hope that you guys enjoy using it as much as we have over the past few weeks. As always, let us know about any bugs you find in the Feedback/Bug Reports forum.

Please note that some existing templates may have issues with coloring, and that we will work to address those issues as they come up. Worst-case scenario will require the template creator to re-upload their original so that we can attempt reprocessing it for pattern creation.

Included in 0.5.6:

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:


Hello everyone, and welcome to the stencils update!

@cy has been working very hard to add svg image uploading, processing and display to colorBuffs, and we're happy to finally release the first new type of artwork since palettes. Please test, comment, and let us know if you find any issues. He's going straight onto coloring those images next, so stay tuned for patterns!

Also done this release (or the last):


Brings search to the color and palette main pages.


You can now keep track of select users by following them! There is now a button on other user's profiles for you to click.

Your list of following and followers appears on your profile.


Hey all, good to have something to post here after a week. :) Personal messaging was a much-requested feature and we're glad to finally have it out the door. Please report any bugs you find, and I would love your feedback if you find something that needs changing.

Included in 0.5.0:


Profile images are here. Please tell me if you have any errors or troubles. Thanks!


Hi all,

We've done quite a bit of housekeeping over the weekend, all intended to give you guys the tools you need to better manage your accounts and your work.

Here's what we added over the past several updates:

These were all basic (yet fiddly) things that had to be done before the number of users exceeded our ability to moderate effectively while still maintaining an accelerated development schedule. We should be back on the road to a palette tool update and personal messaging soon!

Cheers, Fate


Hey guys, we're pleased to announce the release of the next "big" update to colorBuffs.

Within, you will find:

Some things we didn't get to (but are being considered for next release):


Hey guys, got this one rolled out with a bit less panic than last time :D

Here's what we did:

Some things we didn't get to (but are being considered for next release):


2 days of basically no sleep has culminated in the successful launch of a palette creation tool and the swatting of multiple bugs:

Development Release 0.2.0 made the following changes:

Hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. If you were logged on around midnight PST and ran up against a blank page for about 30 minutes, sorry. Bugs that had been squashed at launch came back for an encore. In the future, we'll try to notify you guys of site updates ahead of time.


Welcome to colorBuffs!

We're blowing off the sawdust and kicking this thing out the door. Please report any bugs you find to the "Feedback & Bug Reports" board, and add your wish list to "Feature Requests". Expect to see a lot of changes over the next several weeks as we respond to your feedback and hack away at our TODO list.